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✧・゚freelance fantasy artist and tabletop enthusiast・゚✧

[note, updated Nov 1st 2023]Hello! Thank you for visiting my landing page :-)With the inevitable demise of the usability of Twitter upon us, I've been considering the best places to keep up with my online activity.Currently, I am
-always accepting EMAIL INQUIRIES for freelancing or job offers!
-posting commission availability updates and various work-in-progress/behind-the-scenes to my DISCORD SERVER and my KOFI PAGE. Both have DM options as well.
-experimenting with BLUESKY (in beta) for some microblogging and networking
I am experimenting where best to post my fully-finished art, as the commonality of scraping algorithms on large platforms is off-putting. INKBLOT (an art gallery social network) is currently the strongest contender, but I will be updating my list here as i figure out what works best for me.I have also set up an EMAIL NEWSLETTER, for anyone who wants to keep up with monthly art/commission announcements/project updates without the hassle of social media. I've set it up so you can self-tag for which news/updates you'd like to keep up with, which you can change by either emailing me or unsubbing/resubbing. (It also has an RSS feed option, if you'd prefer that to being emailed.) It'll be a little experimental, but hopefully fun and not too serious lol.I'll edit this note as things change, so feel free to check in every so often.Take care!

A.G. Willow has found herself in a successful niche of tabletop games art, and is greatly enjoying illustrating and designing characters for indie publishings! She also loves comics and animation, and has been slowly pecking away at her own self-indulgent stories.project work includes:Independent TTRPG Publishers
Cryptid Creeks (unpublished) by Hatchling Games, 2023 (internal illustration, cover art)
Dragon Dowser by Hatchling Games, 2021-23 (Lead Artist, internal illustration, card illustration, cover art)
Overisles by Hatchling Games, 2021-23 (ASL/BSL vocabulary sheets)
Inspirisles by Hatchling Games, 2020-21
(ASL/BSL vocabulary sheets)
Elfinfolk RPG by A. Baffoni, 2020
(concept art, character design, illustration)
Level Zero by O. Darkshire, 2020
(character design, cover art)
Scouts of the Taiga (unpublished) by Anthropos Games
(concept art, 2018)
3rd Party Dungeons & Dragons ModulesCurse of Hearts by O. Darkshire, 2020
(character design, portrait illustration)
No Rest for the Wachter by O. Darkshire, 2019
(character design, interior illustration)
Tabaxi Variants by Walrock Homebrew, 2018
(character design, cover, interior illustration)
•Bad Heroes Podcast, 2021-22
(key art, promotional material)
•Swords Illustrated, Charity Zine (2019)
(full-color interior illustration, merchandise, bookmark)
✧・゚・゚✧Proficiencies: Clip Studio, Photoshop, After EffectsFavorite Genres: adventure-fantasy, romance, fairy tale, the gothicHobbies: TTRPG, fashion, baking, plant care, comic artFavorite Traditional Media: inks, acryla gouacheCoffee or Tea: yes

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Email contact

Page for newsletter subscriptions currently redirects here, until I get my feed fully set up lol. If you'd like to pre-sub, you may email me with something to the effect of "I want to receive the newsletter!" and I'll alert you when signups are available!embedded button and plaintext for people who hate that (don't spam me please): willowsquest /@/ gmail /.com

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Commission TOS (profit and non-profit)

WillowsQuest Freelance Commission TOS
1. Commissioned art, by default, is for personal non-profit uses only; icons, headers, reference sheet for future non-profit commissions, reposting on social media, etc are okay; use in advertising, promotional material, printing, digital/physical book illustration, livestream content, development of a brand aesthetic, etc is not granted. Usage rights may be purchased at time of commission or future date for additional fees.
2. I do not claim ownership of the character(s) depicted within the image(s). All other rights default to me, including the right to post the commissioned images/designs in relation to promotion of my business on social media and in my portfolio.
3. I will provide a full-size unwatermarked image for your personal usage as well as a smaller compressed version with both of our names/handles, both via Google Drive. You may edit and crop either to your liking, though I HIGHLY recommend not posting the full-size version in its entirety to social media, as people love to steal. The compressed version is provided for ease of safe reposting, should you not have access to image editing software of your own. If for whatever reason you repost a version of the image that does not contain my @, crediting somewhere within easy observation of the image is incredibly appreciated.
4. Self-edited, altered, traced, or otherwise heavily used versions of commissions (eg. inking a sketch or coloring non-colored art) are NOT exempt from non-profit TOS. Any design work that is used for business/branding purposes, even if drawn by other artists, MUST pay applicable usage fees. Deliberate evasions of these fees are subject to additional actions.
5. Usage rights are purchased in addition to the base price of the commissioned work, and are determined by a] exclusivity of use b] in what forms of use c] duration of use d] how much of the work will be monetized, among other possible factors. Specific terms are to be discussed upon drafting of individual contracts, with possibility of percentage-based payment with track record of dependable gross profit.
Payment Process (50/50)
1. I invoice (via paypal) for 50% of the estimated project price at the start of the project. This fee is non-refundable after you have approved the initial concept sketch(es).
2. I will send update previews (watermarked with my handle) as appropriate through the stages of the project, at which points you may request reasonable minor alterations. Significant alterations will add additional fees in proportion to requested changes, which will be reflected in the final invoice.
3. When I have finished the project, I will send one final preview (watermarked) to be approved by you. Once the final is approved, I will send the second invoice for 50%+(any additional fees). After this invoice is paid, 100% of the project fees become nonrefundable, and you will receive the final files.
Payment Process (100%)
1. I invoice (via paypal) for 100% of the estimated project price at the start of the project. Once the project has begun, any refund requests will only receive a maximum 50% refund, to account for the time I have already spent preparing to take your project instead of someone else’s.
2. I will send update previews (watermarked with my handle) as appropriate through the stages of the project, at which points you may request reasonable minor alterations. Significant alterations will add additional fees in proportion to requested changes, which must be paid before delivery of the final product.
3. At these update stages, any cancellation refund requests will decrease in proportion to % of work completed.
4. When I have finished the project, I will send one final preview (watermarked) to be approved by you. At this stage, 100% of the fee is nonrefundable, and you will receive the final files.
Due Payment and Late Fees
1. Payment of final invoice is due within two weeks after project finalization, and final files will not be delivered prior to payment confirmation.
2. Late payments will incur late fees, up to the UK standard of Fixed Penalty (£40, £70, or £100) + 8% interest rate (Fixed Penalty dependent on original cost of invoice). Reasonable delays in payment may be accounted for on individual basis, but payments later than 30 days WILL incur fees.
This outline will be ammended as necessary, and a copy will be provided with the invoice for your records. Last updated August 2023Payment of the invoice is understood to be accepting of these terms