Ashley Grace @willowsquest

✧・゚freelance fantasy artist and tabletop enthusiast・゚✧

Ashley Grace has moved to London, UK! She has found herself in a successful niche of tabletop games art, and is greatly enjoying illustrating and designing characters for indie publishings! She also loves comics and animation, and would one day like to participate in those industries as well.

Projects include:

Independent TTRPG Publishers

Overisles (Unpublished) by Hatchling Games, 2021-22
Dragon Dowser (Unpublished) by Hatchling Games, 2021-22
(Lead Artist, illustration, cover art)
Inspirisles by Hatchling Games, 2020-21
(x14 ASL/BSL vocabulary sheets)
Elfinfolk RPG by A. Baffoni, 2020
(concept art, character design, illustration)
Level Zero by O. Clegg, 2020
(character design, cover art)
Scouts of the Taiga (unpublished) by Anthropos Games
(concept art, 2018)

3rd Party Dungeons & Dragons Modules

Curse of Hearts by O. Clegg, 2020
(character design, portrait illustration)
No Rest for the Wachter by O. Clegg, 2019
(character design, interior illustration)
Tabaxi Variants by Walrock Homebrew, 2018
(character design, cover, interior illustration)

•Bad Heroes Podcast, 2021-22
(key art, promotional material)
•Swords Illustrated, Charity Zine (2019)
(full-color interior illustration, merchandise, bookmark)


Proficiencies: Clip Studio, Photoshop, After Effects

Favorite Genres: adventure-fantasy, fairy tale

Hobbies: tabletop games, fashion, baking, plant care

Favorite Traditional Media: inks, acryla gouache

Coffee or Tea: yes

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